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Welcome to the United We WORK Application

United We WORK is a new program of the United Way of Mid & South Jefferson County. Our United Way MSJC studied the THRIVE program of the United Way of Greater Houston and combined the outline of our program with some adapted aspects of THRIVE. The result of our work is a program that will offer individuals and families the opportunity to reach financial stability. Applicants are carefully screened for the program. Using the ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained and Employed) to identify those that are living on survival or poverty budgets we then build a full profile including work history, interest, resume' and application letter. Once the application packet is complete the candidate is reviewed and considered for entry to the program. United We Work is a partnership between the participant and the United Way that, if utilized, can help create a higher level of financial stability.

United We WORK offers individual assistance to expand knowledge base, career development, personal development, individual assistance, access to programs that include but are not limited to First Impressions, Asset Building, and On the Road Lending Auto Financing.

Please be aware that an application is not processed immediately, it takes time to review each applicant profile submission.

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