Funded Program Report

Thank you for being a partner for lasting community impacts. We are excited to hear about your success and program developments during the first six months of this funding cycle. This report will help us to prepare our report to the community and donors that make our work possible.

Please complete the report before noon on July 31, 2019

All reports are time and date stamped upon submission. Those agencies that fail to submit their report by the deadline will have their March  grant payment held until April. Those that fail to submit reports will have monthly grant payments withheld and face a 5% reduction in each month they are late. That reduction will be invested in training & development for partner agencies.

If you have any questions regarding the form please call the office and speak with Priscilla Ochoa or Janie Johnson.

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What is the name of the program for this report. Each funded Application will need to complete a separate semi-annual report.
Point of Contact is traditionally the person completing the report.
Please provide phone