Community Investment Grant Application (Less than $10,000)




This page is restricted to those requesting less than $10,000 in funding

  • All NEW programs must submit a Letter of Intent by December 23, 2020 via website portal to be considered.
  • All applications are due February 19, 2021 at 12PM
  • Organizations utilizing the Less than $10,000 Application are limited to one program per organization.
  • Applications that do not have all attachments uploaded by the grant deadline will not be accepted.
  • Please review the Community Investment Grant Reguirements prior to submission to verify that your program qualifies.
  • Each year we have agencies that wait until the day before or the day of the deadline to work on their grant application. Those applicants are enivitably faced with computer issues, internet issues, attachments that will not upload and other issued. Please do not press the deadline and risk your funding. 

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The United Way of Mid & South Jefferson County does require the annual submission of several forms to aid in the review of your program(s), governance and financial health. We reserve the right to request your most recent IRS 990 form if it cannot be retained through Guidestar. Some documents will be uploaded on other pages with the individual Program Grant Requests. Please make sure all forms submitted are the below linked documents. The following documents must be uploaded or emailed as part of the application:

Organizational Budget (click to download required form) You will only need to complete the Program 1 Portion of the Workbook.

Board of Directors (current listing of board including name, address, email, phone and employer)

Annual Audit Requirements

If you cannot upload, email to or mail to the office at 7980 Anchor Drive #600, Port Arthur, TX 77642. NOTE that all documents are still required by deadline for the application to be considered, regardless of method of delivery.



Please Upload a Current Board of Directors Chart
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png txt html pdf doc docx ppt xls xlsx.
Please Upload Budget Form (see attachment list)
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png psd txt html pdf doc docx xls xlsx.
Please Share your current Mission Statement and the year it was last reviewed:
Please describe program in detail and funds you plan to use funds, if awarded:


The United Way is a proud partner with the community and service providers in efforts to create lasting and impactful change in society. Our approach is not to apply a short term "fix" but to invest in the solution. With our partners we will work on solutions one person, one family, one area at a time to produce lasting impacts throughout our community.

Please note that submission of an application or previous funding does not garuntee funding in this cycle. Volunteers will dedicate many hours to the review of each program as they consider the community needs, services of the program, duplication of services, financial stability of the organization, governance and outcome measurements.

Applications having met all requirements will be reviewed by the volunteer committee. At the time of the review it is determined, by committee, if the application will continue to a site visit, program interview or will not proceed in the process. Applications not continueing in the process will be notified in writing. Applications proceeding in the grant process will recieve an invitation for site visit and/or program interview along with a request for any additional documentation that will be required at the program interview.

We appreciate your time in applying for funding and your services within our community.


NOTE: You must preview your application before submission. Once you click preview please print the page so that you will have a copy of your application for your records. Once you have submitted the application (at the bottom of the Preview) it will no longer be available.