Campaign Toolkit


Employee Campaign Coordinators are critical to the success of United Way Wokplace campaigns and we truly appreciate all of their efforts.  We want you to have everything you need to communicate effectively with your employees and with your campaign volunteers.  The following items will help you to develop and lead a successful campaign in the workplace.

  • Annual Campaign Guide - A guide with the information you will need to build an effective workplace campaign including a letter from United Way Executive Director, Frequently Asked Questions, and more.
  • The "Elevator Speech" -  Suggestions and talking points that will help you explain the work of United Way.
  • Campaign Ideas - Creative and fun campaign ideas
  • Campaign Giving Guidelines - The "Time to Care" pledge guidelines for donors to consider
  • Company Information Sheet - Essential contact information, etc.
  • Company Campaign Receipt - Receipt for all donations collected through the company campaign.
  • Special Event Campaign Receipt - Receipt for all donations collected through a special event at the company