Education Success Story

A young child was diagnosed with Angelman’s Syndrome soon after birth. At 3 years old he was impulsive with a very short attention span and had an uncontrollable impulse to grab and put everything in his mouth. His naps were only 30 minutes. He did not like to be touched nor did he show affection. He had no understanding of verbal or non-verbal language and could not follow simple commands or even respond to his own name. He was enrolled in the Shorkey Center, a Southeast Texas nonprofit agency supported by United Way donors. He was enrolled in the preschool program and received physical and speech therapy services. A year later he is able to follow simple commands, respond to his name and uses the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) to make requests. He is able to sit with the other students at the lunch table and feed himself with assistance. His naps have increased to nearly 2 hours. But above all, he has become so affectionate, giving hugs and kisses to everyone he meets!